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Do you have an excellent first anniversary or 1st wedding anniversary gift that requires some help getting the word out? Don’t worry we’ve all been in the same place  and we’re more than willing to help you get the word out about your anniversary gift!

It’s our job to keep our readers updated with the most recent first anniversary wedding gifts around so do us a favor and send your anniversary gift to one of our anniversary gift gurus!

At we try to  create and publish first anniversary gift ideas that consist of only the best and one-of-a-kind gifts! So if you have a traditional paper anniversary gift  or a modern first anniversary gift  idea  that you think everyone needs to hear about then please share it with us!  We’ll create a first anniversary gift article for every unique  wedding anniversary idea you send our way.

To have your first wedding anniversary gift mentioned please send us an e-mail and one of our anniversary gift gurus will be in touch! We do get quite a few submissions so please try and be patient until we can get back to you.

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  1. satiriasi
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    Take a look at Memeoirs – turn your emails into a book. Paper is traditionally the rule for a first anniversary gift, and when the paper contains the love letters a couple exchanged it’s the most romantic gift ever.

  2. Anu Prakash
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    One of my friends got a gift certificate for a special anniversary sundial – her husband did both first anniversary gift list suggestions in one creative gift. When she had it made for her home she had them put a date line on the sundial, and the time shadow follows the line every year on their special day. Better still, it sits on their window sill and makes rainbows in their family room whenever the sun shines!

  3. / Reply

    Celebrate your first anniversary with a beautiful paper sculpture printed with your personal message.

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