Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas For A Husband

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paper anniversary gift ideas for a husband could be found in any mall, but you need to truly think of a gift idea that would touch his spirit. Searching for a anniversary gift can be tiring, considering all the options there are. But the plan is to buy your husband a gift that he will love, but more importantly is not likely to buy himself. Be romantic on your 1st wedding anniversary by selecting your gift carefully and based on what you think would make him feel appreciated.

Make your anniversary day even more memorable by giving something that he would never have thought of. One example is giving him a gift that really signifies your relationship. Being romantically inclined on your wedding anniversary begins with choosing some of the sweetest paper anniversary gift ideas for a husband.

Listed below are a few paper anniversary gift ideas for a husband we’ve found for you:

Dedicate Your Wedding Day to Your Husband

First Wedding Anniversary Paper CertificateGift Details

Making our short list just may be one of the most unique and sweetest gifts that we have ever stumbled upon. What we found was a website called that allows you to “own” the day of your one year anniversary or wedding day to your man. As soon as you’ve dedicated your day, nobody else can dedicate it, and you get a gorgeous certificate printed on parchment paper as evidence that you own that day.

Yes, it could provide your husband with another thing to brag about, but you will also receive an online memory book that you can upload your favorite photos of the two of you as well as music and video from your wedding day.

A Special Love Note To Him

Message in a Bottle for a One Year AnniversaryGift Details

Everyone knows the proverbial message in a bottle. This symbolizes hopeful love for the optimistic and sentimental. The individual who had written the letter in the bottle is taking a chance that the message will never reach the individual it is intended for. The romance and mystery related with the letter in a bottle is one of the best paper anniversary gift ideas for a husband on your wedding anniversary.

Create a Photo Mosaic

1st Year Wedding Anniversary Photo MosaicGift Details

A photography mosaic is more than just a collection of photos arranged in a certain way. Some photo mosaics can be cleverly done, especially if you used software to create it, or a professional helped put it all together. If you’ve been wanting to search out good paper anniversary gift ideas for a husband, this really is certainly one of them. Flick through your images and select the best ones to add to the mosaic.

A Portrait Made With Your Photo

Personalized First Year Anniversay SketchGift Details

A high-quality pencil sketched portrait always sticks out, whether the frame is good or not. In fact, even if this picture is just tacked to the wall or refrigerator door, anybody will find the pencil sketched picture interesting and sentimental. One of the best gifts you can give your spouse on your anniversary is a smiling reproduction of his face rendered in ink. By giving him this, you are showing him that you’re still totally in love with him.

A Jar Full of Love Letters

Love Notes for a First Year AnniversayGift Details

Imagine dipping your hand into a bottle to get a love letter. There is the excitement of not knowing what type of message you’ll receive. There is also the feeling of tenderness because you already know whatever letter you receive, it is going to be special. This is the power of a container full of love messages, which makes it one of the most ideal paper anniversary gift ideas for a husband.

A Love Book A Man Understands

1 Year Anniversay Love BookGift Details

Today, the web is so state-of-the-art that you can produce an electronic version of anything that used to be so time consuming. But you will find some things that need to have a real version, and among these is a love book, which can be one of the best paper anniversary gift ideas for a husband. Create one for your anniversary and your partner will feel that you adore him very much. Selecting photos and small keepsakes to put together on a page can be enjoyable, especially if you’re doing it together.

Personalized Puzzle From a Photo

Personalized 1st Year Anniversay PuzzleGift Details

Choose a picture taken during your first year and have it modified into a puzzle, for example your wedding picture. You can spend many nights focusing on this together, until you complete the picture. The beauty of this is that you may have it mounted and hung on your bedroom wall to serve as a reminder of the many evenings you spent bonding over the jigsaw.

Flowers Made of Paper

First Wedding Anniversary Paper RosesGift Details

Paper blossoms are the best paper anniversary gift ideas for a husband. You can find some firms like that really send paper roses to couples celebrating their first year anniversary. Yes, the whole world is on in the custom. Order a number of gifts from the site, and fill your home with paper gifts. If you truly have no idea how to pull this off, perhaps you can buy a customized toilet paper from the site and share a laugh with your husband.

Personalize a Calendar for Your Wedding Anniversary

Customized First Wedding Anniversary CalendarGift Details

On your anniversary, you can select the most memorable photos you took through out your first year and use them to create a customized calendar. Every page will have a different picture. A calendar is one of the very first things your hubby looks at when he wakes up. Because of its relevance in your every day life, a personalized calendar will make one of the best paper anniversary gift ideas for a husband. Your customized calendar gift can sit on his desk at work, or his study at home. He will remember you whenever he checks the date even when he’s busy working.

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Choose romantic and sentimental value over practical value on your anniversary. The romantic and sentimental value of your first wedding anniversary is huge, especially when you consider that you will never have your first wedding anniversary again. Giving your spouse a gift that he will remember is one way to comemmorate this unforgettable day. Read through the list of paper anniversary gift ideas for a husband if you’re still undecided which gift to give.

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