First Anniversary Gifts

A man giving his woman a personalized first anniversary gifts

A year went by and now you have to look for some great first anniversary gifts! About a year ago, you two decided to marry and join your lives. Paper represents the commitment you took a year ago. Thanks to this, the first anniversary gifts are traditionally made of paper. Getting to know each other can be hard but you managed not to let anything tear you apart.

Here’s a few first anniversary gifts we’ve collected for you:

Kind Notes in a Jar

A jar loaded with cute romantic notes.Gift Details

At KindNotes, you can get first anniversary gifts sure to keep the romance going for a long time. Imagine a romantic jar containing a bunch of unique messages getting your sweetheart to feel the passion even if you aren’t at home. Customize the notes if you like to make this present as romantic as possible.

Dedicate Your Anniversary Day

A unique  day on the calendar makes your first anniversary loving.View Now

You can make you first anniversary day yours permanently by dedicating it at That’s right! You can dedicate a day from any month, day and year and make it your own for your loved one at My Day Registry. You even receive a beautifully framed certificate as proof of ownership and an online memory book to upload pictures, music and a sweet note to remember that day forever!

Though most people select their anniversary day, you can be creative and select another, such as when you met. Making a real impression by personalizing your own page with your song, quotes and photos is another benefit of this present, making it unforgettable on your special day.

Handmade Paper Roses

A Enchanting first anniversary with paper roses.Gift Details

Traditionally, paper is the first anniversary gift for a wedded couple. Tickets for a romantic trip or a hundred dollar bill are certainly thrilling, but a more economical gifts are available at JustPaperRoses. With delicate twists and curves, paper roses are a perfect symbol of the love and flexibility found in your first year of wedded bliss. Paper flowers do not die either, and they become a constant memento of a lovely first year. Put them in some floral foam and a beautiful pot so they will stay standing tall well after your special day.

Express Your Love With a LoveBook

A LoveBook could store all the moments of the year before your first anniversary.Gift Details

If there wasn’t enough room for your message on the anniversary card, why not try making a romantic love book. Just by simply visiting LoveBook, you’ll turn into a romance author. Begin with the first page and add as many extra as required. You choose the cover shade and photos. Photos are simply added also. No other couple is going to have a storybook anything even close to yours. Load it with hilarious inside jokes and treasured memories. Saving those romantic times is among the best first anniversary gifts your partner can ever get.

Truly Romantic Prose

Quality writing and traditional quality comprise this perfect anniversary gift.View Now

Presented on an elegant scroll, a romantic poem on your anniversary makes a great present for your significant other. Antonio Verdi creates unpublished poems which make for beautiful gifts. If you do have a poetic mind, write your own poem and inscribe it on your scroll for a memento which will always be remembered. Additionally, most scrolls come with a wood presentation case that is artwork also. The originality of a romantic poem, and the beautiful case makes this gift stand out.

Preserve Your Finest Picture Using Artwork

A piece of stunning artwork developed on MyDaVinci from a picture.Gift Details

Do you have a favorite picture you have on your desk? Spice up that photo and transform it into a piece of art. Available at MyDaVinci, possibly the most alluring of first anniversary gifts is a professional etching, watercolor or oil painting based on one of their snaps. No matter if you were posing at the Grand Canyon or just sitting at the club, an artist’s sketch engraves the memory in time and makes a perfect addition to their office.

A Special Love Note To Her

For your first anniversary, live the fairytale story of finding a note in a bottle.Gift Details

Spring something new on your significant other by getting a message in a bottle from TimelessMessage. All sorts of bottles are available that match their personality, from a regular bottle to a custom-shaped glass container. You can get several messages ready to go in the bottle, in case it so happens you are not a good writer. Budding poets can make your own messages online. They then beautifully inscribe the message in elegant script and send your bottle right away. For any couple who likes romance and adventure, a message in a bottle is a creative way to show your love.

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle From a Photo

Spend romantic time together on your first anniversary putting together a puzzle made using your favorite picture.Gift Details

Make a romantic puzzle using their favorite snapshot. Spend a rainy day with them putting the puzzle together and recall your first anniversary with fond thoughts. No matter which picture that you pick, they will know how much they mean to you with one of these customized puzzles. Make sure to allow enough lead time with these gifts. They may require a little time to render the photo and produce the physical puzzle.

Create a Photo Mosaic

An anniversary gift which enables you to set up every one of your snapshots inside one frame.Gift Details

Are you one of those people who shoots digital pictures almost every minute? If so, create a photo mosaic out of on your first anniversary. Browse through their pictures and take as many as possible for the mosaic. Canvas Pop will then collect the pictures into a portrait of you, selecting one as the primary picture. Trying to pick out the tiny photos together is a fun game on your first anniversary night.

Become A Wine Aficionado

A wine book makes an ideal gift for a wine aficionado.Gift Details

A wine log makes for a superb gift for that wine lover in your life. Every time you open a bottle, get to write down all the info about the wine, and the meal as well. It is possible to take the wine label from the bottle and affix it in the book, which you can get at Amazon. Store it for another wine tour in its case. When working on this wine book, you’re preserving romantic memories that are often forgotten. This is best because collecting the bottles themselves is usually difficult, especially if you tour wine country by bike.

Your Own Special Calendar

View Now

Photo calendars can be decorative and practical. They may be a part of our daily lives, and people have several of these useful things in their homes. But the reason why we recommend them as among the many best first anniversary gifts is that you can customize photo calendars any way you want. You can start by selecting photos from your very first year as a married couple. and coming up with a personalized calendar utilizing these photos. You can look upon these photos for one year until your next anniversary.

First Anniversary Gifts Video:

As the big day arrives, be sure you have chosen unique gifts that shows your inner feelings. With anything from customized puzzles to wine logs, you can maintain your relationship with amazing moments. Take the time to pick out the best gifts and get them ready with with enough time. You can concentrate on other details once it is hidden away. By using a little consideration, you’ll quickly come up with ideal first anniversary gifts for your sweetheart.

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