1st Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For A Girlfriend

A man handing his girlfriend a 1st year anniversary gift

1st year anniversary gift ideas for a girlfriend are a really fun gift to look for, but when it comes time to celebrate you’re anniversary you have to make sure you find a 1st year anniversary gift your girlfriend will adore. Just over one year ago, you witnessed your gorgeous bride walk down the aisle and become your girlfriend. Honoring this day along with the promise that you made to each other can turn the day into one as special as the day of your actual wedding over a one year ago.

It might be overwhelming to choose a great 1st year anniversary gift. With so many different options, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one she will like the best. This is why you need to be sure to do plenty of research before choosing the right gift for her.

Dedicate Your Wedding Day to Your You Girlfriend

1st year anniversary paper certificate of dedicationGift Details

MyDayRegistry.com has developed a gift idea that’s so heart-felt that it makes the perfect gift to celebrate your 1st year anniversary. They make it possible for you to dedicate the day you were wed on or the day of your 1st year anniversary. When you dedicate the day to her you will receive a framed certificate of ownership and an online memory book where you can upload photos, songs as well as a special love note to symbolize your love.

There is one thing that makes this gift even more special … It’s first come, first serve and your special day might be already registered to another person, because MyDayRegistry records every dedicated day in the International Day Registry to ensure that there is only one registered owner per day!

All The Reasons You Love Her

1st year anniversary Love BookGift Details

Creating a love book to celebrate your 1st year anniversary of being married will certainly be a great present to present to your girlfriend. It can hold some of the happiest moments that you have shared with her or it could be more romantic with the story about how you fell for her to begin with. Either way, it will be a present that your girlfriend will read repeatedly as the years go by.

A Dozen Paper Roses

Hand made 1st year anniversary paper rosesGift Details

The traditional gift for your 1st year anniversary involves paper. You could jazz it up a little with paper roses from JustPaperRoses. The roses are handmade and would be a gift which your girlfriend can cherish and adore for a long time to come. These roses also make the perfect decoration around the house that will remind her each day how much you adore her.

Timeless Photos Turned into Art

Customized 1st year anniversary paintingGift Details

Do you possess a favorite picture of you and your girlfriend or of you two together? Why don’t you convert it into a one of a kind piece of art to commemorate your 1st year anniversary. At MyDaVinci they can take your picture and render it into an artistic masterpiece with pencil, ink, watercolor, oil paint, or colored pencils. Not only does it make a great 1st year anniversary gift, but it also makes a great gift that could be handed down from generation to generation.

Keep Track of Your Favorite Wines

Wine tasting notebookGift Details

Someone who likes wine would wish to have a logbook to record her opinions of the bottles of wine she has tasted. Most wine bottles have distinct tastes that one cannot easily forget, but if you’re visiting a wine shop and sampling several types of wine in a day, a leather bound journal especially created for wine logs would be good gift for your girlfriend. A wine journal is one of our favorite 1st year anniversary gift ideas for a girlfriend who is keen on wines.

Create a Picture Book

Customized 1st year anniversary photograph bookGift Details

On our list of 1st year anniversary gift ideas for a girlfriend is Mixbook. The best thing about Mixbook is that you can create a 1st year anniversary photograph book and add your personal photographs into it to make it the perfect 1st year anniversary gift for your girlfriend. Make it fun and whimsical or elegant and romantic, you can come up with the ideal way to make your photo book. You only have to collect your photos and begin creating a picture journey of the life that you share.

A Jar Full of Love Messages

Romantic love notes for a 1st year anniversaryGift Details

Finding a present that she will love is the ultimate goal, but the majority of presents have a hard time living up to the task. At KindNotes, you can create a treasure jar of individual love notes that may be opened one at a time whenever she needs a love note to remind her why you love her. You can customize your own love messages to her or you can use pre-made suggestions for messages.

Make a Customized Calendar

Personalized 1st year anniversary photograph calendarGift Details

Make a personalized calendar for your girlfriend so she keeps your anniversary day in mind year round? Minted & MixBook offer personalized calendars that your girlfriend can hang at her desk or in the kitchen to remember your 1st year anniversary every day. Include your favorite photographs, wedding pictures and other special photographs that have sentimental value to you. This is why calendars make great 1st year anniversary gift ideas for a girlfriend!

A Photo Mosaic for Her

1st year anniversary photograph mosaicGift Details

A couple special photographs can be turned into awe-inspiring piece of art with Canvas Pop. They create Photo Mosaics that your girlfriend will adore and enjoy today and in years to come. Truly one of the most one of a kind 1st year anniversary gift ideas for a girlfriend that we have ever stumbled upon. Upload a few of your best images and your done!

A Timeless Message

Message in a Bottle for a 1st year anniversaryGift Details

Go to Timeless Message and you can get or make a love love note that they put in a bottle and is guaranteed to be a treasure that your girlfriend will love forever. The fact that the bottle contains a customized love note from the depths of your heart it will make her weak in the knees. If your looking for 1st year anniversary gift ideas for a girlfriend that she will treasure, this is one that you should consider.

Puzzle Her With Love

Personalized 1st year anniversary puzzleGift Details

Puzzles are a great activity to do with your girlfriend, more so, when it involves a customized puzzle that you created for her. Zazzle gives their customers the a way to make a custom puzzle that will show your girlfriend that she is the piece that has made your life complete. Pick out a favorite picture of you or the two of you together and have it made into a customized puzzle to enjoy as a couple. Definitively one of the many 1st year anniversary gift ideas for a girlfriend we’ve come across!

Your 1st year anniversary is something that you are excited to celebrate, so make sure that you take the time to look at the majority of the 1st year anniversary gift ideas for a girlfriend we’ve mentioned.No matter if you opt for a classic present or a more unique one, these gift ideas are sure to spark your desire and imagination to give her a personalized gift that comes from the heart.

Puzzles, artwork, books, and much more are all amazing choices to showcase your feelings to your girlfriend on your 1st year anniversary. No matter what you choose a 1st year anniversary is a day that you are going to remember, so make sure it’s a special one!

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