1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

A man giving his wife a 1 year anniversary gift

1 year anniversary gift ideas for her are not that difficult to come by, but when you celebrate you’re anniversary you have to make sure you find a 1 year anniversary gift your wife will love. It was only one year ago, you witnessed your gorgeous bride walk down the aisle and become your wife. Honoring this day along with the commitment that you made to each other can turn the day into one as special as the day of your actual wedding over a year ago.

It could be difficult to pick out a the perfect 1 year anniversary gift. With all of the different choices, it could be too much to figure out which one she will like the most. That is why it’s important to be positive and do plenty of research before choosing the right gift for your wife.

Dedicate Your 1 Year Anniversary to Your Wife

1 year anniversary paper certificate of dedicationGift Details

You and her know how special your 1 year anniversary is, but your wife would truly feel your love if you were to dedicate the date of your anniversary to her. There is a website called MyDayRegistry.com that has actually made a gift that makes it possible to dedicate a day and it is definitely the coolest thing we have ever heard of!

Once your day is dedicated you’ll receive a beautifully made certificate as “proof of ownership”. After you register your day to your wife you can upload photos, video, songs as well as write a sweet message to your wife and announce to the world your love for her.

All The Reasons You Love Her

1 year anniversary Love BookGift Details

Personalizing a love book to celebrate your 1 year anniversary together can be a great gift to present to your wife. It may hold some of the happiest memories that you have shared with her or it could be more romantic with the reasons why you fell in love with her at the beginning. No matter what, it is sure to be a gift that your wife will thumb through again and again through the years.

Give Paper Flowers

Hand made 1 year anniversary paper rosesGift Details

The beauty of roses exists in paper art at JustPaperRoses and their handmade flowers are completely unique. Nobody else will offer you a classic 1 year anniversary gift ideas for her such as this one. They also have the added benefit of lasting for years to come so you will never need to buy roses again.

Create a Unique Masterpiece For Her

Personalized 1 year anniversary paintingGift Details

Do you possess a favorite photo of your wife or of you as a couple? Why not have it turned into a one of a kind masterpiece to commemorate your 1 year anniversary. At MyDaVinci they can take your picture and turn it into a stunning piece of art with pencil, ink, paint, oils, or colored pencils. Not only does it make a great 1 year anniversary gift, but it could be handed down from generation to generation.

Store a Record of Wine Tastings in a Journal

Wine tasting notebookGift Details

Any wine fan would want to keep a wine journal of the very best wines she has tasted. Most wines have distinct tastes that one can’t easily forget, but if you’ve sampled a lot of wine bottles and you intend on tasting a lot more, a beautifully made wine journal of your wine memories would come in handy. A journal for writing down remarks while visiting a wine store or a vineyard is among the best 1 year anniversary gift ideas for her.

Make a Photograph Book

Personalized 1 year anniversary photograph bookGift Details

On our list of 1 year anniversary gift ideas for her is Mixbook. The good thing about Mixbook is that you can create a 1 year anniversary picture book and include your own photographs into it to create the ideal 1 year anniversary gift for her. Make it fun and creative or sophisticated and sweet, you are sure to find the perfect way to create your photo book. You only need to gather your photos and starting building a picture journey of your life together.

Kind Notes in a Jar

Romantic love notes for a 1 year anniversaryGift Details

Who doesn’t like getting a tiny love letter? You may customize the notes from KindNotes for her or you may pick out a set which focuses on a certain theme for her. 31 notes are packed in individual fabric envelopes within a beautiful treasure bottle for your wife to open as she likes. This gift will keep giving long past the day she checks out her present. That’s why it’s on our list of 1 year anniversary gift ideas for her. What could be better?

Make a Personalized Calendar

Personalized 1 year anniversary photograph calendarGift Details

Create a personalized calendar for her so she always remembers your special day year round? Minted & MixBook provides customized calendars that your wife can hang at her desk or in the kitchen to remember your 1 year anniversary all year long. Add your favorite photos, wedding pictures and other memorable photos that have sentimental value to you. This is why calendars make great 1 year anniversary gift ideas for her!

A Photo Mosaic for Your Wife

1 year anniversary photo mosaicGift Details

A couple memorable pictures can be turned into breathtaking piece of art at Canvas Pop. They create Photo Mosaics that your wife will marvel at and enjoy now and in the future. Hands down, one of the most unique 1 year anniversary gift ideas for her that we have ever stumbled upon. Simply upload a bunch of your best images and your done!

Bottle Your Love

Message in a Bottle for a 1 year anniversaryGift Details

What could be better than seeing a message from a bottle? If you go to TimelessMessage, they offer you a lot of options to pick from and customers may customize your own note to include in the bottle for her. If you take the time to write down your deepest feelings and we promise this to be one of the the most unique 1 year anniversary gift ideas for her we’ve ever stumbled upon! Not to mention you can be sure that it is a present that your wife will be delighted with.

A Puzzle of Your Special Memories

Customized 1 year anniversary jigsaw puzzleGift Details

Let her know that she completes you like a puzzle piece completes a puzzle with a customized puzzle from Zazzle. They’re puzzles are personalized with a couple of your most cherished pictures that you upload, adding a romantic touch to it that your wife will love. No matter what photo that you choose, your wife will know how much she means to you with one of these customized puzzles.

A 1 year anniversary is something that you are excited to celebrate, so make sure that you look at the majority of the 1 year anniversary gift ideas for her we’ve included.No matter if you opt for a traditional gift or a more unique one, these ideas are sure to spark your desire and imagination in order to give her a personalized present that is given from your heart.

Puzzles, artwork, books, and more are all awesome ways to showcase your feelings to your wife on your 1 year anniversary. No matter what you choose your 1 year anniversary is a day that you are going to remember, so be sure to make it a romantic one!

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